10 種類以上の木材を用い、そのままの色彩や質感を活かし、様々な組合せで作られた個性的なアイテムです。長さ3cm ほどの小さな小さなどんぐりは全て伝統的な木工ろくろ挽きをアレンジした手法でで削りだし、時には繊細な手彫りを施してで仕上げます。日常的にも特別な機会にもお使いいただけるように、構造にもこだわりホゾを組んだ丈夫な作りのどんぐりです。

We started our activity in the winter of 2014 under the brand name “Shitamachi Lab” with husband and wife. In April 2020, we have changed the name to “KAWAMURA”.

“Shitamachi Lab” was named with the idea of trying to create something unique, in the downtown area of Tokyo “SHITAMACHI”, a town of manufacturing.
When we moved to Nagoya-city, Aichi, we decided to change the name to “KAWAMURA”. We want to preserve the name of husband’s grandfather’s studio name, who was a craftsman, “KAWAMURA bag products”. And also want to include the meaning that direction of our creativity has entered the next step.
This is the shop of the husband, Satoru. (The shop of the wife, Shiho is here >>https://kawamsewing.handcrafted.jp

About the artist;
Satoru Kawamura
Learned traditional Japanese wood lathe in Takayama Japan, and arranged it to his original techniques now. Also using his grandfather’s tools for leather works.
His works are designed and created to be "Art pieces to carry around”, and made all by his hand.

One of his main works is the wooden acorn.
Tiny wooden sculptures -wooden acorns- are designed and created to be "Art piece to carry around".
Tiny tiny acorns are carved and finished by the artist's hand with arranged Japanese traditional wood lathe techniques and delicate carving techniques. The body and the cup of acorn are strongly connected with the tenon. You can wear them either every day or on special occasions.